Blue Angel

Is the oldest European certificate for eco-friendly products introduced in 1977, on the initiative of German Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Currently, this certification includes 75 groups of products and applies to approximately 4,000 various products: tires, returnable bottles, deodorants, refrigerators, construction materials, products made of recyclable plastics, household chemicals and paper products.


Blue Angel requirements:

- products with definitely better environmental characteristics than other products from the same group, which suit the same needs;

- the basis for environmental evaluation is a simplified analysis of the product life cycle, covering production, use of the product and management of waste;

- apart from contamination of three basic components of the natural environment (air, water, soil), the evaluation also takes into consideration noise, as well as possible generation of particularly hazardous substances;

- auxiliary criteria are safety of use, as well as comfort and aesthetic value of performance;

- a graphic mark is accompanied by a brief explanation of the eco-friendly nature of the marked product;

- duration of the certification licences is maximum 3 years.


Certificate of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

Forest Stewardship Council was established in 1993 to promote ecological forest management, pro-social and, at the same time, economically beneficial. Such management is called simply "good", forests - "well managed" and products coming from them are marked with a leaf – FSC's logo. This mark certifies that wood does not come from places where predatory exploitation of forests thrives, that is e.g. from rainforests. The certificate also guarantees that rights of employees and local population were observed in forest management. Everybody benefits from FSC certification: forest - where balanced management is conducted, clients - who are sure that products they buy do not contribute to destruction of the environment and violation of rights of local population, persons managing forests and manufacturers of products made of wood - who earn money at the same time creating a positive image of the company. Currently, more than 6 million hectares of forests in Poland are covered by FSC certificate.


BIO - ecological product

A product coming from controlled ecological production, certified in accordance with standards of the European Union by certification units.


Fair Trade

A product certified by a German Fair Trade certification organisation - TransFair Germany - on the basis of criteria and standards determined by Fairtrade Labelling Organisations International (FLO).


Main principles of Fair Trade:

- respect and care for people and environment; people more important than profit,

- creating possibilities and measures for manufacturers to improve their conditions of life and work,

- development relations between sellers and buyers favourable for both sides,

- payment of a price, which provides fair remuneration for work for producers and acceptable refund of costs for the marketing organisation,

- increased awareness of the situation of women and men as manufacturers and merchandisers,

- promotion of equal opportunities for women,

- protection of rights of women, children and indigenous population.


Goals of Fair Trade:

- increased means of support for manufacturers by increasing the access to market;

- strengthening organisations of manufacturers, better prices and ensuring commercial relations; support of development opportunities for socially handicapped manufacturers, especially women and indigenous population, as well as protection of children against exploitation in the manufacturing process,

- raising awareness among consumers on adverse effects of international trade for them to exert a positive effect due to their purchasing power, creation of an example of partnership in trade through a dialogue, clarity and respect, conducting campaigns for changes in terms and practice of conventional international trade,

- protection of human by promoting social justice, healthy ecological practice and economic safety.


Eco Garantie

A Belgian certificate granted for ecological cleaning agents and cosmetics. Full description of criteria to be met by a product to obtain this certificate:


Internationally recognised control signs TÜV inform consumers on the high quality and safety of products. Now for more than 3,000 groups of products - starting from toys, sports articles and household equipment, ending with highly complicated medical equipment. In more than 50 locations worldwide 1,400 TÜV SÜD Product Service experts test a variety of goods using state-of-the art measuring apparatus.


Nordic Swan

Nordic Swan is the most recognisable ecological symbol in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. It can be granted to manufacturers, importers and sellers of products which specified ecological criteria, identical in all countries listed above. These criteria refer both to the product itself, as well as to the entire production process.

At the request of manufacturers a product labelled with Nordic Swan is tested for environmental effects – starting from production, use, ending with disposal. Criteria, according to which the label is granted, are verified every three years and, as in the case of Austrian labels, are adjusted to the current technological level.


European Ecolabel

An ecological label presenting a flower with 12 petals in the form of stars is a community marking created in 1992. It promotes products and services friendly for the environment. "Daisy" became a pan-European symbol used on products, being a simple and precise guideline for consumers. All flower-labelled products were verified by independent entities with regard to fulfilment of the rigorous environmental and utility criteria.

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